Delighted to be ‘outstanding’

Ofsted reports

Our school is open to inspection by Ofsted and the Local Authority, which helps to ensure that all the children receive a good standard of education.

Eastwood Nursery School

Our most recent inspection – May 2023 – Outstanding

Our reports are available below:
Ofsted reports

Teachers are highly skilled. They reflect on children’s learning every day.
They make adjustments to reinforce learning for children who fall behind, including those with SEND. Staff do a lot to keep children’s enthusiasm and curiosity alive.
They use children’s initial interests as hooks in designing learning activities that match the ambition of the curriculum. They do not leave it at that though.
They encourage and support children to broaden their horizons. They guide them to learn through many other activities and to develop a very wide range of new interests.

Eastwood Day Nursery & Baby Room

Our most recent inspection – February 2019 – Good

Our reports are available below:
Ofsted reports

Staff provide a broad variety of imaginative activities linked to children’s interests. They assess children regularly and make good use of this information to ensure that children are suitably challenged. Children make good progress.

How does our Ofsted inspection compare to an inspection of day care or private nurseries?

Our Ofsted is a section 5 inspection and this cannot be directly compared to day care and private nurseries.

For more information on how this is different to the Ofsted inspections which a private nursery or day care provider receive please visit:

School inspection handbook

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