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What we learn


For children to develop life long skills and make progress during their journey with us. Children are given space and time to invent, create, predict, and have access to well planned environments to enable enriched and scaffolded learning.

Self-regulation and Mental Health

  • Use emotion language.
  • To self-soothe and distract ourselves.
  • Label a range of feelings.
  • Develop self-control.
  • Seek support from significant people.

Interpersonal skills

  • To acknowledge, recognise and respect other’s feelings and wishes.
  • To build healthy and respectful relationships.
  • To communicate with others.
  • To share ideas and observe what is happening.

First hand experiences and love of learning

  • Thrive on exploration and discovery.
  • Initiate learning and show curiosity about the World.
  • Develop a enriched understanding.
  • Learning is fun, exciting and never stops.

Scaffolding children’s play

  • Building on children’s interests to support their learning.
  • Children are introduced to new experiences linked to their interests
  • Children develop healthy and secure relationships.
  • Children develop a sense of pride and positive self-esteem.

Risk taking

  • Challenge ourselves.
  • Take safe risks.
  • Have a go and be confident in trying new experiences.
  • Develop the skills to bounce back after difficulties.

Trial, error, and resilience

  • Support with working through challenges.
  • Reassuring and comforting relationships.
  • Problem solving.
  • Open ended play and communication.